Guldemeester BV

From our original beginnings in property management, we have broadened our company profile to include project management, since 2008. Our role involves giving advise in regards to maintenance policy, drawing up a long-term maintenance plans, compiling operational plans and coordinating the entire process of new built and renovation projects. We provide the optimum results for our various clients. Over the past years, we have seen that our partners prefer a single point of contact for their property-related issues. An enthusiastic team of skilled and experienced employees are happy to assist you during the whole project. Therefore, it is of prime importance that we as Guldemeester BV are flexible and anticipate the nature and size of the project in order to provide the right resources to adapt to a broad range of changing projects. In our opinion, this can only occur if we contain a strong connection with our clients. Another priority is to collaborate closely with our clients. In order to give the best possible advice it is essential that we can empathise with the clients. From this point of view we can develop strong long-term relationships with them. Rather than acting as an external advisor, our company would like to be seen as an extension of the clients company. Working closely in an environment of trust will allow for a high quality product. We are convinced that the key to success is having partners and advisors working hand in hand.