Project Management

Building Management

A professional approach is required for all aspects of property development from new buildings, renovations, and maintenance. Whether a complicated or a simple project. Guldemeester BV will guide your project from the initial idea to the realization and the aftercare. Guldemeester BV does the hard work for you, supports you as a partner and shall ensure that the project proceeds optimally. We make sure that there is a right balance between your requirements, cost and time.

Feasibility Analysis

Healthcare institutions, housing corporations, governments, companies and private parties are often confronted with the need to expand existing properties, reallocate or build new accommodation. It is important to investigate the feasibility of a project. This includes not only the financial feasibility, but also the societal-, legal-, functional-, and technical feasibility. If you map the feasibility of a project before hand, you will reduce the risk and promote the quality of the process. Based on your questions, Guldemeester BV can carry out a feasibility analysis with the aim to enhance your decision-making.


The procurement of work and services at first sight appears to be a simple task. However, to find a suitable party that fits within the vision of the client and/or the available budget is difficult. The most important part in this process is a clear formulation of the question. Wherefore, apples and oranges will not be compared. Guldemeester BV can support the determining of the tendering procedure, help to shape the issues, to accompany the tendering procedure and advise with regard to the award during the process.

Construction Cost Management

A new building, rebuilding, renovation or maintenance project starts with an initiative linked to a budget. To ensure that a plan is not hindered by a tight budget, it is important to understand the investments cost at the earliest possible stage.

Guldemeester BV ensures that the project can successfully be completed within the budget by making an overview of the costs and managing them during the project. Besides construction cost management, our service creates a customised cost estimate or (management) budget.

Project management & supervision

As a project manager, Guldemeester BV represents and promotes the interest of the client during a project. In addition we act as a supervisor to monitor the technical quality of the process. Project management and supervision shall ensure that the contract between you, the contractor and the installers will be carrying out.

Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings are indispensable in property- and project management. There are many valid reasons for the acquirement of architectural drawings. Guldemeester BV can serve you on the following points:

  • Renovations and/or restoration;
  • Environmental permits;
  • Tenders;
  • Eviction plans;
  • Legionella control;
  • Etc.

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